Tony Reinemann’s oil paintings have been described as a blend of social and magic realism that evoke a highly exaggerated Edward Hopper in a Hitchcock film.  His sharply defined, colorful visuals tell stories limited only by the viewer’s imagination.  Multiple themes run throughout his works: social, emotional and spiritual, and at times, allegorical commentary that use both realistic and whimsical imagery to tell a story. Many of Reinemann’s works are driven by his love for New York City, whose kinetic energy and landmark architecture offer the perfect backdrop for telling stories of urban life.  At times his paintings capture the majesty of the city’s skyline; at other times, a view into a window – a moment in the life of a city dweller.

“The sights and sounds of New York have always captivated me, but at night I find that the city’s lights and shadows enhance its appeal. They spark my imagination and inspire my creative energy to depict a mood that is, for me, uniquely New York.”



Tony Reinemann is a fine arts painter and digital artist whose talents capture the essence of life in New York City in a captivating and uniquely whimsical style that is all his own.  For more than 30 years he has created vivid portraits of the city and all of its eccentricities that spring to life in a magical and colorful landscape every hour of the day, but especially at night.  Through his depictions of Manhattan’s eye-popping architecture, the people who call New York their home, the barren trees in a city park in winter, the flashing neon of Times Square and the solitude of a lamp-lit side street at 3 AM, Reinemann’s work conveys the beautiful and the opulent; the unseemly and unrefined.  

Over the years his paintings have been exhibited at the Museum of the National Academy of Design in New York and the Whitney Museum of American Art  as well as in a variety of notable galleries in the United States.   His paintings are also represented in private collections throughout the United States and internationally.

Reinemann began his arts studies at Sage College in his hometown of Albany, NY, and went on to the School of Visual Arts in New York where he earned a BFA degree and received the Rhodes Family award for Excellence in Arts, one of the school’s top honors. He has also continued his craft at the Arts Students League in New York.

In addition to his career in fine arts, Reinemann has worked for many years in the field of illustration and digital imagery in the advertising industry.  His digital creativity can be seen in many prominent advertising campaigns for some of the world’s leading consumer products – from autos and cosmetics to fashion and soft drinks.