A number of the paintings on this web site have been reproduced as limited, signed, stamped and numbered Giclée Prints.  A  few selected prints are available in varying sizes. They are produced on archival high quality fine art Hahnemühle 308 GSM (paper weight /Grams per Inch). This heavier paper is 100% cotton; a bright white rag based paper with a smooth calendered traditional printmaking surface.


Giclée (pronounced "zhee-clay") is French meaning "to spurt or spray.” With the advent of giclée, the art of reproducing fine art has become much more precise. Giclées produce the highest apparent resolution available today -- as high as 1,800 dots per inch. Since no screens are used, the prints have a higher apparent resolution than lithographs and a color range that exceeds that of serigraphy. Giclées give a full color spectrum and capture every nuance of an original. Fade resistant archival inks and archival substrates are used when creating a Giclée.
The patented printing technology utilizes microscopically fine droplets of ink to form the image. A print can consist of nearly 20 billion ink droplets. This unique patented feature produces a near continuous tone image, smoother gradation between tones, and a more finely differentiated color palette.



Unless otherwise noted (*in private collection)  some of the original paintings are for sale.  Email me for prices.

Currently I’m working on some commisioned paintings  which are primarily portratures of individuals or groups of people in New York City* settings employing my style and sensibilities. If you would like an original,  personalized painting I would work with you  to establish a unique theme and concept. The paintings are time consuming ventures so I would need time to complete them.

 (*location can be where ever the client desires. Region or back drop does not necessarily have to be NYC)